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Le doigt sur la joue

Le doigt sur la joue

Kees van Dongen (in circa 1910)

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From 1906, Kees van Dongen mainly painted portraits of women, in which he preferably portrayed his models sensually, in daring and bright colours. The painting is one of the highlights of Van Dongen's fauvism period. The work was first exhibited in 1911 in the Paris Bernheim-Jeune gallery and was probably made shortly before that.
This painting of a Spanish woman with a shawl and a fan hangs in room XLI at the famous Salon des Indépendants of 1911 alongside Cubist paintings by Gleizes, Delaunay and Léger. The Cubists want to emphasize the contrast between this ‘old’ Fauvist work and their innovative Cubism. Their ruse backfires, however, and Van Dongen’s work is extremely well received. It is praised as a worthy alternative to the tonal palette of theoretical Cubism.

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Title Le doigt sur la joue
Material and technique Oil on canvas
Object type
Painting > Painting > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Location This object is in storage
Dimensions Width 54 cm
Height 65 cm
Artists Artist: Kees van Dongen
Accession number St 78
Credits Loan Stichting Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Gift L. de Graaff-Bachiene, 1940-1950
Department Modern Art
Acquisition date 1950
Creation date in circa 1910
Internal exhibitions Een prikkelcollectie (2000)
De grote ogen van Kees van Dongen (2010)
De collectie als tijdmachine (2017)
Lievelingen (2024)
External exhibitions Van Dongen. Fauve, anarchiste et mondain (2011)
The Ecstasy of Colour (2012)
Van Dongen et le Bateau Lavoir (2018)
Boijmans bij de Buren - Kunst stelt alles voor (2020)
Kees van Dongen (2023)
Geographical origin The Netherlands > Western Europe > Europe

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Kees van Dongen

Delfshaven 1877 - Monte Carlo 1968

Cornelis Theodorus Maria van Dongen was born on 26 January 1877 in Delfshaven, then still a small independent port near Rotterdam. At the age of fifteen, Kees...

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