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Vénus de Milo aux tiroirs

Vénus de Milo aux tiroirs

Salvador Dalí (in 1936 (1964))

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Giving form to images from the subconscious was an important motivation for the surrealists. They were inspired by Sigmund Freud's 'Traumdeutung' (interpretation of dreams) and psychoanalysis. Dalí compared the subconscious mind to having secret drawers, that could be opened at unexpected moments. He gave form to this idea in a contemporary version of the famous 'Venus de Milo'.

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Title Vénus de Milo aux tiroirs
Material and technique Bronze, paint and fur
Object type
Sculpture > Three-dimensional object > Art object
Location This object is travelling
Dimensions Height 99 cm
Depth 31,5 cm
Width 29,5 cm
Artists Kunstenaar: Salvador Dalí
Accession number BEK 1467 (MK)
Credits Aankoop / Purchase: 1971
Department Modern Art
Acquisition date 1971
Creation date in 1936 (1964)
Age artist About 32 years old
Entitled parties © Salvador Dalí, Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí , c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2015
Provenance Max Clarac-Sérou, Paris; Galerie du Dragon, Paris 1971
Exhibitions Tokyo 1964; Bern 1966; Tel Aviv 1966-1967; Humlebaek/Brussels 1967; Turin 1967-68; New York/Los Angeles/Chicago 1968; Rotterdam 1970-71; Stuttgart/Zurich/Humlebaek 1989-90; Rotterdam 1999; Barcelona/Madrid/St Petersburg 2004-05; London/Rotterdam/Bilbao 2007-08; Milan 2010-11; Frankfurt 2011; Rotterdam 2013-14a; Rotterdam 2017b
Research Digitising Contemporary Art
A dream collection - Surrealism in Museum Boijmans Van beuningen
Literature New York/Los Angeles/Chicago 1968, pp. 145-46, fig. 217; Rotterdam 1970, cat. no. 188; Stuttgart/Zurich 1989, p. 207, cat. no. 158; Descharnes/Néret 1994, p. 279; Descharnes 1997, p. 199; Ades 2000, p. 117-18, fig. 24; R. Descharnes/N. Descharnes 2003, pp. 32-33, 36-37; Barcelona/Madrid/St Petersburg 2004-05, p. 148, fig. 244; Rotterdam/Barcelona/Madrid 2005, p. 243; London/Rotterdam/Bilbao 2007-08, pp. 20-21; Rotterdam 2007, pp. 94-95; Milan 2010-11, pp. 64-65; Frankfurt 2011, pp. 227-28, fig. p. 36; Paris/Madrid 2012-13, p. 190
Geographical origin Spain > Southern Europe > Europe

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Salvador Dalí

Figueras 1904 - Figueras 1989

Salvador Dali got to know the author André Breton - the founder of the surrealist movement - while he was studying in Madrid. In 1924, Breton wrote the first...

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