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Loan Requests

Yearly Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen lends between 400 and 500 artworks to museums all over the world.


Please send your loan request via e-mail to the Loans Office (for contact details, see below). A paper copy by regular mail is not necessary.

You will be informed within approximately three months whether or not the museum can approve the loan. When reaching this decision, matters such as the condition of the requested work and the frequency with which the work has traveled recently are taken into account, but also the circumstances of the institute making the request. Including a facility report and climate readings with the request is particularly appreciated.

Loan requests should be submitted at least six months before the start of the exhibition. Requests received less than six months before the opening date will still be considered, but may be rejected due to short notice.

When a loan request has been approved, the borrower will be informed about the costs and conditions before the loan agreement is drawn up.


  • Drawing up a condition report: € 75,- up to € 300,- per work, depending on the size and complexity of the work. For some -exceptional- loans this can be higher/lower.
  • Necessary preservation work (such as restoration; the fitting of glass; climate-controlled display case): variable
  • Packing expenses (crates, transport frames, etc.): variable (via transport agent)
  • Prints and drawings:
    - Passepartout: € 75,- per work;
    - Frame: € 50,- to € 90,- per work, depending on the frame size.
  • Possible additional expenses for staff deployment: € 60,- per hour
  • Insurance: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will insure the work and will charge you the insurance premium. Please inform us if you wish to cover the loan by using a Government Indemnity Scheme.
  • Transport: via transport agent*
  • Courier expenses: within Europe: € 65,- per diem, USA/Japan: $ 100,- per diem, United Kingdom: £ 55,- per diem
  • Photographs must be requested separately. Please see the information about image requests.

*The borrower will have to take care of the packing of the loan. The loan will be packed by the transport agent and they will charge you the costs directly. However, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will decide how the work will be packed and which crate is most suitable. For this, you will first have to contact the registrar and after that one of the mentioned transport agencies. 

NB: If a request being handled is withdrawn at a certain time by the requesting party, the expenses already made will be charged. 


Questions? Please contact us.  

Please send your loan request to:  
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen 
Attn. Ina Klaassen - director
Postbus 2277 
3000 CG Rotterdam 
The Netherlands

Lindy de Heij
Lindy de Heij Loan coördinator
+31 (0)10 44.19.690 heij@boijmans.nl