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Peanut-Butter Platform, Nr 19 B/sC in the floor covering series

Peanut-Butter Platform, Nr 19 B/sC in the floor covering series

Wim T. Schippers (in 1962)

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  • Luise Baumgartner asked

    Good afternoon
    I am currently writing a lexicon entry about peanut butter as a material in the visual arts (lexicon about food as material in contemporary art, ed. by Fabiana Senkpiel and Ina Jessen), and one of my examples is the Peanut Butter Platform by Wim T. Schippers in the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. This work is not permanently exhibited / installed, is that correct? Is it really stored in the depot (original material composition from 2011) or is the museum only archiving doumentational materials from the installation from 2011? If it is really the peanut butter material from 2011 that is stored in the depot - how are you managing the degradation process / how is the artwork conserved? Thank you very much for your answer!

    Best regards
    Dr. phil. Luise Baumgartner
    Art historian
    Hochschule der Künste Bern

  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen answered

    Dear Luise, it is very nice to hear about your research and I am happy to give you the requested information. Wim T Schippers' Peanut Butter Platform is not present in our depot, but in our archive. It is in the shape of a document that gives instructions how the platform should be executed (conceptual art). In this case the instructions are rather loose - typically Wim T. Schippers - and state that the floor can be executed in any size and needs just an appropriate amount of peanut butter. Of course we also document the various ways in which the concept is executed. After showing the work for the first time in the museum we learned that it is not possible to show it for a very long time, not only because of the degradation of the material, but also because of the smell and the allergic reaction some of our visitors happened to develop. I hope this is helpful. Kind regards, Els


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Title Peanut-Butter Platform, Nr 19 B/sC in the floor covering series
Material and technique Peanut butter
Object type
Installation > Three-dimensional object > Art object
Location This object is in storage
Artists Artist: Wim T. Schippers
Accession number BEK 1861 (MK)
Credits Purchased with the support of Mondriaan Fund, 2010
Department Modern Art
Acquisition date 2010
Creation date in 1962
Internal exhibitions Pindakaasvloer - Wim T. Schippers (2011)
External exhibitions Niet met je handen eten! (2012)
Wim T. Schippers - Eine Retrospektive (2016)
Manzoni in Holland (2019)
Biënnale van Mol-Rauw (2021)

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Wim T. Schippers

Groningen 1942

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