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up to and including 02 September 2012

On Kawara - Lived Time

The work of Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara (b. Kariya, Japan, 1933) concentrates on the passing and marking of time. From 9 June 2012, postcards, paintings and a telegram by Kawara were on view in the Print Room.

Forming the core of the presentation were 68 picture postcards, which are part of the I got up series. On each postcard Kawara stamped the date, his own address and the recipient’s address on the card, followed by ‘I got up at’, plus the precise time that he rose that day.

The presentation included five paintings from the Today series, a selection that Kawara made in 1991 at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s request. This selection was as diverse as possible: the legends mention as many different days, months, years, decades, languages, cities, countries and continents as possible. Kawara started working on this series on 4 January 1966, and it now extends to more than 2,000 works.