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Portrait of a 57-Year-Old Woman

Portrait of a 57-Year-Old Woman

Frans Hals (I) (in 1639)

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  • Rodney Franko asked

    Do experts agree that the painting in Budapest, Hungary, known as the Esterhazy Madonna is a genuine Raphael? Thank you.

  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen answered

    Dear Rodney, thank you for your question. Unfortunately your question is not about a work in the Boijmans Van Beuningen collection. For questions about the Esterhazy Madonna, I would suggest to approach an expert in the Budapest Museum. Kind regards, Els

  • Betty asked

    In some sources Judith van Breda is named as woman on the portrait. Is this possible? Or is it a wrong assumption? Betty

  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen answered

    Dear Betty, Yes, this is possible. Considering the pose of the woman (at an angle, looking to the right), there must have been a counterpart for this portrait. In 1934 the portrait of Hendrick Swalmius by Frans Hals was discovered to be this counterpart, so the painting in Boijmans must show his wife. We know that Swalmius was married in 1600 to Judith van Breda. Unfortunately, since we don’t know her exact date of death, we can’t be completely sure that this 57-year old woman is her.


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It is no wonder that the 19th-century Realists were impressed by the vitality of Hals’s portraits. The rapidity of the brushstrokes that capture the likeness while preserving the drawing is matchless. He also captured a type brilliantly. She keeps her distance, this 57-year-old clergyman’s wife. She is neither stiff nor stolid, but reserved. As was only fitting in those days.

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Title Portrait of a 57-Year-Old Woman
Material and technique Oil on panel
Object type
Painting > Painting > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Location This object is in storage
Dimensions Width 21 cm
Height 29,5 cm
Artists Painter: Frans Hals (I)
Accession number 2498 (OK)
Credits Acquired with the collection of D.G. Van Beuningen, 1958
Department Old Masters
Acquisition date 1958
Creation date in 1639
Collector Collector / D.G. van Beuningen
Internal exhibitions The Collection Enriched (2011)
Research Show research Alma
Geographical origin Northern Netherlands > The Netherlands > Western Europe > Europe

All about the artist

Frans Hals (I)

Antwerpen 1582/1583 - Haarlem 1666

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