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Portrait of Desiderius Erasmus

Portrait of Desiderius Erasmus

Lucas Cranach (I) (in circa 1530 - 1536)

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  • Elise Vanriest asked

    We are studying, at the French National Research Institute, on the collection of Gaignières, all of the portraits he owned bear a red wax seal (a snake and a crown, Colbert's family seal), is it the case of your painting? We know Gaignières had before his death in 1715 a beautiful portrait of Erasmus. Thank you very much, Elise

  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen answered

    Dear Elise, The portrait at Boijmans has a wax seal, but from our images we can not discern if it is a snake and a crown. Also, judging from the provenance info in our database, it seems the painting was in possession of Regina Rosina von Hillenbrand, Augsburg 1695 - in or after 1742. Best, Lisa


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Title Portrait of Desiderius Erasmus
Material and technique Oil on panel
Object type
Painting > Painting > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Location This object is in storage
Dimensions Height 19 cm
Length Error: 14,6 is not a valid BCD value cm
Artists Painter: Lucas Cranach (I)
Accession number BRL 2012-06 (OK)
Credits Loan Erasmus Foundation, 2013
Department Old Masters
Acquisition date 2013
Creation date in circa 1530 - 1536
Internal exhibitions Presentatie Erasmus aankoop door Cranach (2013)
De collectie als tijdmachine (2017)
External exhibitions Boijmans bij de Buren - REMIX ROTTERDAM, Boijmans X Wereldmuseum (2020)
Vaste opstelling Hof van Busleyden (2024)

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Lucas Cranach (I)

Kronach 1472 - Weimar 1553

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