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11 April 2024

Craving for Boijmans

To celebrate its 175th anniversary, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen presents Craving for Boijmans. For five weeks, from 1 June to 7 July 2024, we are opening up the museum building that is currently closed for renovation and modernisation.

This is a unique opportunity to visit the building at this stage in its transition and to appreciate its great architecture and experience unique art interventions. There’s a special kids’ programme and extra activities in the Henket pavilion. The museum garden will also be open. More information will follow soon.

Tickets for this special event go on sale on Wednesday 1 May via boijmans.nl/en/tickets. Craving for Boijmans has been organised in partnership with AIR and Rotterdam City Council and is part of Rotterdam Architecture Month.

Echoes and dreams

Craving for Boijmans is an exciting project: you have never seen the building like this and you never will again. We welcome you to an empty building that provides the backdrop for artists’ interventions. A special art route will lead you through the monumental architecture of the Van Der Steur and Bodon wings. We will look back at 175 years of the museum’s history and also look ahead to the future: where will art take us in the next 175 years? You will experience the museum between the echoes of the past and the dreams of the future. Expect art and architecture, light and sound, wall paintings and installations. Remarkable moments from the museum’s history will serve as inspiration for contemporary interventions: exhibitions, happenings and personal stories of visitors and museum staff.

We will publish a detailed programme later.

A unique building

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s monumental building first opened to the public on 6 July 1935. It closed its doors in 2019 for an extensive renovation and modernisation programme. Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen opened in 2021. The building by Ad van der Steur (later extended by Bodon, Henket and Robbrecht & Daem) is an architectural masterpiece – the tower, the brickwork and the design’s Scandinavian influences are unique. The interior, with its staircases, vaulted ceilings and bay windows and the majestic Bodon Galleries is just as expressive and beloved by the public.

Over the past few years, the building has been cleared of asbestos and prepared for renovation and modernisation. Craving for Boijmans offers a unique opportunity to visit the buiding in this intermediate phase. What will be kept and what innovations lie in store?

Photo: Floor Besuijen; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Photo: Floor Besuijen; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Photo: Floor Besuijen; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Photo: Floor Besuijen; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Garden and pavilion

The museum’s garden will also be open to the public. It will be accessible free of charge during the day. There will be an extra programme of activities in the Henket pavilion, which was granted monument status in 2023. With a few exceptions, this programme will be free of charge,. More information about this programme will follow later. Craving for Boijmans is being organised in partnership with AIR and Rotterdam City Council. It is part of Rotterdam Architecture Month 2024, for which the Museumpark forms the epicentre this year.

Craving for Boijmans is currently awaiting final approval from the Rotterdam Safety Region. This means that any changes to route and program may still take place.

Craving for Boijmans is made possible in part by:

Sponsors: Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, VriendenLoterij, Stichting Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Erasmusstichting, G.Ph. Verhagen-Stichting, Van Cappellen Stichting, Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds, Stichting de Leeuwenberg, Maatschappij tot Nut van 't Algemeen departement Rotterdam, Circuits: Boijmans Business Club, Kring van Eyck, Boijmans Corporate Members, Partners: Gemeente Rotterdam, Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, Stichting Jarige Job, Rotterdam Partners.