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Win a Sleepover at Boijmans

On Saturday 2 September Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Hutspot are organizing a Sleepover at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. You have a chance to spend the night in the museum’s garden by telling us which artwork in the permanent exhibition you would like to spend twenty-four hours with.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s permanent collection now has a completely different layout. Guest curator Carel Blotkamp devised a rehang of more than five hundred artworks that invites visitors to take a longer look at them. He wants to promote ‘slow looking’.

Super Prize

You will spend the night in an innovative designer tent provided by the pop-up hotel To Many Places. That evening the travelling dinner concept Pique_Unique will lay on a private dinner followed by an exclusive evening guided tour of the museum. After closing time, you will be able to spend time getting to know your favourite artwork in peace and quiet.

How to Enter

Tell us on social media which artwork you would like to spend twenty-four hours with. Use #hutspotxboijmans and tag both @boijmans and @hutspot in your message/photograph. When you don't use social media, send your entry to the museum by post: Marketing and Communication Department, reference Sleepover at Boijmans, P.O. Box 2277, NL-3000 CG Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Apply before 11 August 2017. Three winners will be chosen and they will each be allowed to bring one guest.

About Hutspot

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is organising the ‘Sleepover at...’ with Hutspot. Hutspot is a lifestyle shop with branches in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The aim of the originators is to offer a platform for young creative talent, entrepreneurs, designers and artists. The concept for the shops is that Hutspot looks for new and interesting brands, artists and entrepreneurs who get the opportunity to exhibit/sell their products in the shop. Hutspot was set up in May 2012. This is the third ‘Sleepover at…’ the concept store has organized. Hutspot as previously worked with FOAM and the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam.