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25 May 2023

Spells against othering closing performances by Neo Muyanga on 3 & 4 June

On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June 2023, South African composer Neo Muyanga concludes his residence at Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen with the performance Do they work? Spells against othering in collaboration with a Rotterdam-based choir. Muyanga's closing performance takes place twice on both days, between which there will be a conversation with artist Alicia Framis, whose activist fashion collection anti_dog will be on special display. This project is co-sponsored by Ammodo.

Neo Muyanga's dynamic workshop has been on the fourth floor of Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen for two months, where he has rehearsed with a Rotterdam-based choir led by conductor Amare Bilate. During his stay, Muyanga explored Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen's collection, the city, and the different stories within both. Muyanga's compositions are based on shared narratives around humanity and themes of exclusion, othering, and the African diaspora. The composer's work is centred around people and is inspired by improvisation, a process that helped create Do they work? Spells against othering.

The performance is with Muyanga's Rotterdam choir, a solo performance by opera singer Nienke Nasserian, spoken word artist Moze Nael, breakdancer Menno van Gorp and a talk with artist Alicia Framis.

Note: the performances start outside on the square in front of the depot. Afterwards, you will be escorted inside.

Saturday June 3
12:00 — Performance 1
13:30 — In conversation: Neo Muyanga & Alicia Framis (English)
15:00 — Peformance 2

Sunday June 4
12:00 — Performance 3
13:30 — In conversation: Neo Muyanga & Alicia Framis (English)
15:00 — Peformance 4

anti_dog collection by Alicia Framis
While exploring the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen collection, Muyanga discovered anti_dog (2002), a series created by Spanish artist Alicia Framis after hearing about dogs attacking women of colour. The 'fashion line' consists of nine golden dresses made of twaron, a dog-, bullet-, cut- and fire-resistant fabric. Muyanga was immediately attracted to Framis' work, recognising the stories of racial prejudices from his own homeland.

Hear a conversation between Muyanga and Framis between performances on both Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June, when the anti_dog dresses will be shown and worn during the closing weekend of Neo Muyanga's residency at Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Le Miroir Vivant and Ammodo
Le Miroir Vivant is Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen's new international guest programme. The Depot is a lively building with work-in-progress as its common thread, be it storing, conserving or researching art. The programme Le Miroir Vivant was developed from this philosophy and is made possible by Ammodo, a platform providing space and support for the development of art, architecture and science. Le Miroir Vivant will continue to take shape in the Depot between 2023 and 2025.

Neo Muyanga
Composer, musician, artist and philosopher Neo Muyanga grew up in Soweto, South Africa. While a physics student in the 1990s, he discovered classical music, and has since worked in many fields with international recognition. In 2021 he created the opera How ANANSI freed the stories of the world at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.