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Let's Change the system

Change the System is an exhibition about the creative spirit’s potential for change. The designers in the exhibition present modest solutions for today’s big problems. To change the system, everyone’s input is required. That incudes you! The designers challenge you to contemplate and respond to their projects via the Change Challenge.

Do you want to take part?
We invite you to respond to the projects in the exhibition via social media. Share your reaction with a photo or video on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ChangeTheSystem and tag @boijmans. Between October 2017 and January 2018, the following designers will challenge you to respond: Dave Hakkens, Elisa van Joolen, Manon van Hoeckel and Arne Hendriks. Keep an eye on the museum’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts in the coming months.


Challenge 1: Turning plastic waste into new products

Dave Hakkens (14 October – 5 November)

Dave Hakkens is the brain behind several clever inventions such as the Dustball, an unbreakable robot vacuum cleaner, and ‘Phoneblock’, an easily repairable mobile phone made of replaceable components. The exhibition features his Precious Plastic 2.0 project. Hakkens invites you to bring in your old ‘plastic rubbish’, which he will transform into beautiful new products using his specially designed plastics recycling machines.

Challenge 1: Turning plastic waste into new products
Turning plastic waste into new products

Challenge #2: Do you know your own clothes?

Elisa van Joolen (6 - 25 November)

What are you wearing today? Do you know where they come from? what materials are they made from? Share your answers on social media. Elisa van Joolen challenges you! Do you want to know more about your clothes? On 11 and 12 November, Elisa will research your clothes. 

Elisa van Joolen adopts a critical view of the fashion system, within which she applies her own unique ideas. Her project ‘One to One’ questions the values we place on fashion: various fashion labels use the same factories, patterns or materials, so what makes a brand exclusive?

Challenge #2: Do you know your own clothes?
Do you know your own clothes?