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Frequently Asked Questions about the Depot

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about tickets for Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen and about visiting it.

Tickets Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

I want to book a time slot, but none are available. What do I have to do to visit the Depot?

Interest in visiting the Depot when it opens on 6 November, and during the days thereafter, is expected to be overwhelming. You can try to book a time slot at another time on the day you want to visit or on another day.

I have a ticket but I can’t make it. Can I change the date and time slot?

If you can’t come, you can book another date and time slot by contacting customer service (see below for the email address and telephone number).

Will I get my money back?

We cannot refund any money, but it is always possible to book another date and time slot.

I’ve missed the time slot I booked. What do I do?

We regret that we cannot rebook you to another time slot. We hope you will buy another ticket and book a new time slot.

I’ve bought a ticket using a discount card but I can’t come. Should I let you know?

Yes, please do, so that we can allocate the time slot to someone else.

I’ve bought a ticket but have not received confirmation. What should I do?

Check the spam box of the email address that was used to order the ticket. The confirmation may have ended up in spam.

How can I get in touch with customer service?

You can send an email to boijmans@enviso.io or call +31 (0)10-3116610.

More people are coming with me than I expected. Can I add people to my booking?

The people coming with you to the Depot can buy tickets and try to book the same time slot. We cannot guarantee that the time slots you have chosen are still available.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

If you have purchased a regular ticket, you can transfer it to someone else. If you bought a ticket using a discount card, the person to whom you transferred the ticket and time slot must have the same discount card with them.

For your convenience!

You do not need to print out your ticket. You can download it to your smartphone or tablet and show it to the Depot employee checking tickets at the entrance to the Depot.

Don’t forget to bring your discount card with you.

Privilege- or Vriendenpas, Museumkaart, Rotterdampas, VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART, Vereniging Rembrandt, ICOM-kaart, CJP or studentenpas.

Practical Information

What is Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen’s address?

Museumpark 24
3015 CX Rotterdam

How do I reach Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen?

Tram no. 7, Museumpark stop
Metroline A, B or C, Eendrachtsplein.

Plan your route to Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen on line or call +31 (0)900-9292.
Plan your route by car on line beforehand.

Can I park?

Museumpark car park is underneath the Depot. This car park is managed by Rotterdam City Council.

Enter at Museumpark 32 
3015 CX Rotterdam

Is the Depot accessible?

The Depot is accessible to wheelchairs. There is a lift that stops on every floor. Service dogs are permitted in the Depot.

Is access to the Depot’s roof free of charge?

The roof is accessible free of charge from 5 p.m. using the special express lift, as are the café-restaurant and the event space on the roof. The Depot closes at 11 p.m. Before 5 p.m. you must have a Depot ticket to go to the roof and the café-restaurant.

Can I combine my visit to the depot with lunch or dinner in the rooftop café-restaurant? 

Yes you can! At the moment it is not possible to make a reservation for this. Soon, more information will be available about the name of the restaurant, the menu, making reservations, etc. For the latest information, check the website or our social media platforms (FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn).

Can I buy an admission ticket for the Depot on the roof?

No admission tickets are sold on the roof. However, you can buy a ticket and book a time slot on line. It is advisable to do all this beforehand because of the expected large numbers of visitors.

Do I have to take my coat with me if I only want to visit the café-restaurant?

No, that’s not necessary. The cloakroom is on the ground floor and remains open until the Depot closes. However, you might want to have your coat if you go out onto the roof before or after your visit to the café-restaurant.

May bags be taken into the Depot?

Small bags can be taken in, but only if they are worn around your waist. You can put large bags in a locker free of charge.

May children under six go into the Depot?

Everyone can go into the Depot. On a guided tour, however, we require each child to have their own accompanying adult. We do not have any programmes for very young children.

With a Guide

When I book a ticket, do I automatically have a guaranteed place on a guided tour?

No. You can book a place on one of the guided tours at the beginning of your visit to the Depot. During your visit you can ask a member of the Depot staff in the Depot’s entrance hall. NB Capacity is limited.

How many people can go on the same guided tour?

A maximum of 13 visitors can go on the same guided tour. There are three guided tours an hour.

When are there guided tours and how long do they take?

Going on a guided tour that includes visiting a work space in the Depot takes half an hour. Information about all guided tour times is provided in the Depot.

Can I book a private guided tour (for a group)?

During a guided tour you will visit different workspaces, you can see the artworks (even) closer and you will hear more about the building, the management and preservation of a collection. Book a time slot for a group tour (per group of up to 13 people). Please note: a group tour does not include an entrance ticket. This must be purchased in addition to the group ticket.

Book a group tour here