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Eating and drinking in the depot

The depot has a (literally) glistening exterior and a spectacular interior. Another special experience awaits visitors who take the express lift to the sixth floor. The Depot’s roof not only provides a spectacular panoramic view of the city, but it also has a a restaurant, beautifully situated in a green oasis. And all of this in the heart of Rotterdam! Reservations accepted after medio October.

Rooftop restaurant

The sixth floor is located at a height of 34.5 meters and has a breathtaking view of the city of Rotterdam. The rooftop forest houses the restaurant with 120 seats and the events space, reached via an express lift. The catering concept has been desiged by Concrete. Food, refreshments and alcoholic drinks are served throughout the day. The restaurant is also open after the Depot closes and can be accessed free of charge from 5.00 pm. The events space can be hired during the day and in the evening for all kinds of gatherings and events (evenementen@boijmans.nl). When the weather permits, visitors can dine on the restaurant terrace in the roof garden and enjoy a beautiful view of the city, surrounded by greenery.

Chef is Jim de Jong

We are very pleased that Jim de Jong is chef of our restaurant. Jim is known for the outstanding restaurant De Jong in Rotterdam's Hofbogen, of which he was owner and chef until earlier this year. During his early years, Jim worked at star restaurant Le Cirque in The Hague, which at the time was led by chef Robert Kranenborg. In Montpellier, France, he was then chef-de-partie at the two-star restaurant Jardin Des Sens, before becoming co-owner and chef of De Jonge De Jong in Rotterdam in 2009. In 2013 he opened his own restaurant in the Hofbogen. Jim de Jong won the Golden Spoon (Gouden Lepel) in 2016 and was named Young Top Chef of the Year by restaurant guide GaultMillau in 2019. 

Locally sourced food and beverages

The restaurant uses ingredients that are in season: a sustainable choice. The drinks menu also has regional character: we serve Schiedam jenever (gin) and local beers.

We hope to welcome you soon in the cafe-restaurant. Soon, more information will be available about the name of the restaurant, the menu, making reservations (from medio October), etc. For the latest information, check the website or our social media platforms (FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn).