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Guided Tour

During a guided tour you will visit the Depot with an Art Mediator. You will see the artworks and learn more about what goes into preserving and managing a collection. Below, you can reserve a time slot for a guided tour. One group is maximum 13 people and the tour takes about 60 min time.

It is also possible to book a tour in English, German or French. To request one of these languages, you can send an email to educatie@boijmans.nl after booking a tour. Please add the details of your booking (name, date and time of your tour + language) to this email. We offer French, German and English based on the availability of the tour guides who speak these languages, we cannot guarantee that we will also have these tour guides available on the date you booked.

This guided tour can be booked by only 1 person and up to a maximum of 13 people. The price remains the same. 

In the depot group visits and tours are only allowed with a Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen guide. It is not allowed to give your own tour inside the depot.

Attention: this time slot does not include the admission free. You will have to book this separately. There is a maximum of 3 groups of 13 people at one time in the depot. Book your tour at least 21 days in advance.

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