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Altar Boy with a Candle

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Title Altar Boy with a Candle
Material and technique Black and coloured chalk, heightened with white, on blue paper
Object type
Drawing > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Location This object is in storage
Dimensions Height 269 mm
Width 148 mm
Artists Attributed to: Jacopo Bassano (Jacopo da Ponte)
Accession number I 56 (PK)
Credits Bruikleen / Loan: Stichting Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen 1940 (voormalige collectie / former collection Koenigs)
Department Drawings & Prints
Acquisition date 1940
Creation date in circa 1575-1590
Watermark ?Lamb/beast in a circle with something above (47 x 39 mm, on P3 of 6P, vH)
Inscriptions ‘B.B.no: 3 [..]’ (verso, centre right, pen and ink), ‘23’ (verso, lower left, pencil)
Collector Collector / Franz Koenigs
Mark Z. Sagredo (L.2103a) inv. B.B. no: 3[..], M. Marignane (L.1848), F.W. Koenigs (L.1023a)
Provenance Nicolò Sagredo (1606-1676); Zaccaria Sagredo (1653-1729, L.2103a, inv. 'B.B. no: 3[..]' in dorso), Venice; - ; Anon., Lyon, until 1915-20; Marie Marignane Patissou (c. 1880-1925, L.1848), Paris; Franz W. Koenigs (1881-1941, L.1023a), Haarlem, acquired in 1926 (Jacopo Bassano); D.G. van Beuningen (1877-1955), Rotterdam, acquired with the Koenigs Collection in 1940 and donated to the Foundation Museum Boymans
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1934, no. 485; Paris 1935, no. 512; Rotterdam 1938-39, no. 38; Amsterdam 1953, nr. T.3; Paris/Rotterdam/Haarlem 1962, no. 116, pl. 86; Rotterdam 2009 (coll 2 kw 4)
Internal exhibitions De Collectie Twee - wissel IV, Prenten & Tekeningen (2009)
Research Italian Drawings 1400-1600
Literature Amsterdam 1934, no. 485; Paris 1935, no. 512; Rotterdam 1938-39, no. 38; Tietze/Tietze-Conrat 1944, no. 152, pl. 142,2 (J. Bassano); Amsterdam 1953, no. T.3; Arslan 1960, vol.1, p. 368 (J. of F. Bassano); Paris/Rotterdam/Haarlem 1962, no. 116, pl. 86; Gibbons 1977, p. 15 (after J. Bassano); Fischer 2018a, pp. 56-57 n. 6.
Highlight > Painting technique > Technique > Material and technique
Geographical origin Italy > Southern Europe > Europe
Place of manufacture Venice > Veneto region > Italy > Southern Europe > Europe

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Jacopo Bassano (Jacopo da Ponte)

Bassano del Grappa circa 1510 - Venetië 1592

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