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Boijmans Next Door

2019 saw the start of a series of exhibitions at our neigbours in Rotterdam and Schiedam. Boijmans Next Door involved a great collaborative effort between Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and eight neighbouring museums and institutions in Rotterdam.

Thanks to this collaboration, some five hundred star works from the museum’s collection are appearing in a different light outside the museum during the major renovation and refurbishment works.

The exhibitions in these guest venues create encounters between Boijmans’ collection and those of its neighbours. Since February 2021, the Maritime Museum is showing a selection of seascapes, and the Wereldmuseum is showing masterpieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Van Eijck. As a result, you don’t have to miss out on seeing the collection during the museum’s renovation. ‘Boijmans Next Door’ has been made possible by Stichting Droom en Daad.

Now on view

New: Maritime Masterpieces - Maritime Museum

Sublime seascapes from the 16th to the 21st centuries are brought together in the Maritime Museum as part of Boijmans Next Door. Art history and maritime history merge in a mix and match of paintings and model ships and other items from the collection of the Maritime Museum. The exhibition includes images of rough seas, maritime artillery, river and harbour views and ships caught in ice, and features famous Golden Age marine painters such as Willem van de Velde,  nineteenth-century masters such as Claude Monet and contemporary works by Bas Jan Ader.

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Human Appearances – Strength & Vulnerability – Erasmus MC

The exhibition ‘Human Images – Strength & Vulnerability’ at the Erasmus University Medical Center is the sixth in the series of eleven exhibitions that make up ‘Boijmans Next Door’. Sculptures by Rodin, Van Pallandt, Mascherini and Maillol adorn the hospital’s covered garden in the heart of the city. The giant cast-iron figure ‘Grosse Geister (Figure No. 8)’ by artist Thomas Schütte welcomes visitors at the RG 101H entrance (near the atrium). At the Erasmus MC, where the human body is central, this exhibition celebrates the strength and vulnerability of the body.

The safety of the visitors and staff of the Erasmus MC is the first priority, so the guidelines of the RIVM should be followed during your visit.

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Picasso on Paper - Kunsthal Rotterdam

Branding Rotterdam – Chabot Museum

The Dizzying Imagination of Piranesi – Kunsthal Rotterdam

Masterly! – Kunsthal Rotterdam

Rothko & me – Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Rotterdam's Studio Secrets - Museum Rotterdam

Art Means Everything - Chabot Museum

‘Forged Together: Masters in Silver’

Remix Rotterdam. Boijmans X Wereldmuseum

Boijmans in Transit

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is modernising. Last year, the museum began a much-needed, large-scale renovation, which is expected to take seven years. During this Transit period, the museum is venturing out into Rotterdam and further afield to ensure that its world-class collection remains visible to the public. More than five hundred works of art from the collection are featured in eleven surprising exhibitions in the Rotterdam area. Boijmans has also curated a series of  exhibitions that are travelling to foreign museums. Since the beginning of the last academic year, the museum has been introducing schoolchildren in Rotterdam to real artworks from the collection in the programme ‘Boijmans in the Classroom’. In the meantime, the construction of Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is nearing completion. The world’s first publicly accessible art storage facility will open on Saturday 6 November 2021 and will house 154,000 works of art.

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