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Artists design the depot interior

The exterior of Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen looks spectacular with its mirrored façade that reflects the entire city. The interior will be equally spectacular. For the interior design, Boijmans has teamed up with artists John Körmeling, Marieke van Diemen and Pipilotti Rist.

We have documented the entire creative process and the placement of the works in the depot in extensive video portraits of each artist and in photo albums. We visited the artists in their studio, accompanied Körmeling to BlonkStaal steel foundry, filmed the journey of showcase 7 and followed the artists right up to the installation of their works in the depot. We have also talked extensively with the museum’s director, Sjarel Ex, about why he has chosen to work with these artists in the depot: ‘For the interior, we were not so much looking for spectacle but for a beautiful way to experience the depot. We have chosen to work with artists on the interior because they have a unique vision and they always come up with something you could never have imagined yourself.’