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22 November 2022

Special Wedding in Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

On 22 November, Maya and Irina, Shirt Symphony Collection were married in Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, with no fewer than forty pupils from Rotterdam’s Mariaschool as witnesses. After the festive wedding ceremony, the pupils set to work making the official announcement card. The happy couple have taken up residence in the atrium, H01.02.

This wedding brings the first phase of the Family of Objects public programme to a happy conclusion. In this phase, Maya, an artwork by the Finnish ceramicist Erna Aaltonen, began looking for a suitable partner to expand her family. In the summer, we made a selection of thirteen potential partners with input from pupils of the Mariaschool and Melanchthon Schiebroek and residents of Laurens Borgsate assisted living centre. Everyone got to vote for their favourite and now we have a lucky winner!

Maya and Irina Find Love in the Depot
Pupils from Melanchthon Schiebroek and residents of Laurens Borgsate elected Irina, designed by Viktor & Rolf. This is what she looks like. She is an angel, but she can be fierce, so don’t get too close! With her vivid imagination she will entertain Maya for a lifetime. Irina suspected she would win, so she already chose her wedding dress. The basis of her outfit is the classic man’s shirt, in which the cuffs play a leading role. Maya and Irina are very excited and look forward to all the new adventures they will have together.

Family of Objects: Boijmans’ Collection as a Big Happy Family
In the Family of Objects public programme, Boijmans’ collection is viewed as one big family. The project’s aim is to work with the public to uncover new relationships in the collection and to search for, conceive and tell the associated stories through a dialogue with the public. We will soon initiate the second phase, in which we will search for Rotterdam families with whom we will make a special family portrait. If you want to take part, look out for the announcement on the website and on social media.

Family of Objects has been made possible by the Mondriaan Fund and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.