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up to and including 28 February 2016

Pam Emmerik - Maanmensen

In July artist and writer Pam Emmerik (1964-2015) penned the last words of her graphic novel ‘Maanmensen’, which she was commissioned to write by Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. This autumn the museum will pay tribute to Pam Emmerik with a presentation of these drawings in the print room.

‘Maanmensen’ is a personal document consisting of 120 pages in which Emmerik recounted her experiences and ideas and reflected on art, politics, religion, beauty and the museum. She did this in drawings with bright colours and imaginative figures. She combined these drawings, or built them up from often shocking, bold, controversial and poetic texts. This autumn a limited edition of the graphic novel ‘Maanmensen’ is on sale in the museum shop and online at webshop.boijmans.nl

Pam Emmerik was an artist, author and activist. She wrote several novels: ‘Soms feest ‘(1997), ‘Het bottenpaleis’ (2000), ‘Het wonder werkt’ (2004, nominated for the AKO Literature Prize and awarded the J. Greshoff Prize), ‘Jummie’ (2010) and ‘Voor wie het paradijs verdragen kan’ (2014).


Sudden Death

Pam Emmerik was suddenly taken from us on 3 July. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen was one of Pam Emmerik’s favourite places and she was very involved with the museum. She gave workshops for children, took part in debates and was an ambassador for the planned Collection Building. She gave inspiring lectures and guided tours in The Road to Van Eyck (2013) and during other exhibitions. Since 2013 the walls of the Espressobar have carried her colourful mural ‘Ook Duende’ on which her teacher René Daniëls (1950) also collaborated at her request. This temporary mural can be seen until 2017. 

Buy the graphic novel

Buy the graphic novel

Maanmensen (Moon People) tells the life story of Jamila, an Afghan refugee, who works as an attendant in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. In an account that is as colourful as it is harrowing she shares the experiences of her escape – a journey that ultimately leads to the museum. Here, surrounded by the works of art, she finds her place.