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up to and including 14 February 2016

Karin van Dam - Pock

The work ‘Pock’ by Karin van Dam has recently been added to the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Van Dam created the forms on a knitting machine at the TextielLab in Tilburg. The dark, semi-transparent knitted fabric lies like a carpet over an underlying framework. It arouses our curiosity. What invisible structures are behind this inimitable form?

For Van Dam the colour black is a natural basis: an absorbent colour that is strong and present but also empty and deep. The glistening material reminds her of the sea. Van Dam sees nature as an enormous reservoir of forms. This work was inspired by the forms of barnacles. The artist captures the reality around us in intuitive constructions: poetic images that are to be experienced rather than understood. Van Dam’s visual idiom has an affinity with the work of Thomas Rentmeister, which is also displayed in this gallery.