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5 January 2023

Steve McQueen’s Sunshine State in depot during IFFR 2023

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) presents 'Sunshine State', an artwork by Steve McQueen commissioned by IFFR. The work will be presented in the depot from January 26th to February 12th 2023.

Sunshine state
Sunshine State is McQueen's first new installation since his artwork Year 3 at Tate Britain in 2019. Sunshine State is a multichannel video project consisting of two screens placed side by side. The work began with a burning sun unraveling, while at the same time  images appeared from the musical drama The Jazz Singer (1927), starring the famous singer Al Jolson. The film is known as the first "talkie" in film history to use synchronized dialogue.

Where can it be seen?
The large exhibition space is located on the fifth floor of the depot, which will be decorated by the Stichting Droom en Daad or lent to third parties for use. Steve McQueen's Sunshine State is the first exhibition to be shown in this space since the building opened in November 2021. Stichting Droom en Daad is a philanthropic fund that has been investing since 2017 in projects that contribute to a beautiful and attractive Rotterdam for residents and visitors.

Practical information
The installation on the fifth floor can be visited by all the depot visitors. Film Festival visitors can purchase a discount ticket for a depot visit and show a film ticket for the relevant day upon entry. After the International Rotterdam Film Festival on February 5, Sunshine State can be seen until February 12, so also during Rotterdam Art Week. The visitors can then visit the exhibition in the depot with their regular tickets.