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New corona measures: changed opening hours depot from Sunday 28 November

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen follows the corona measures announced by the outgoing government on Friday 26 November. This means that the depot and restaurant Renilde will close from Sunday 28 November onwards until 18 December at 17:00 hours (the last timeslot is at 16:00 hours).

Visitors who have purchased a ticket for the timeslots between 16:20 and 17:00 hours can contact Enviso to reschedule their tickets. You can mail to boijmans@enviso.io or contact us by phone: +31 (0)10-3116610.

Other measures

Before visitors enter the depot, they are asked to show a valid QR code to the employee. The depot organization encourages compliance with the basic rules. Together we try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.