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7 March 2022

Heroes of Boijmans Hillevliet

Creativity is flourishing in Rotterdam South, and many young makers get inspired here. Boijmans spoke with three young makers in Rotterdam South: what is their idea of the museum of the future and what connects them to Boijmans Hillevliet?

The stories of Jayda Reeberg, Gyatso Davids and Isa Zichterman have been recorded by filmmaker Loes Korten. The three short documental stories take you on a journey through their life, work and career. Through these stories, the young makers take the stage, and they become the heroes of Boijmans Hillevliet.

"That Lion King scene when Mufasa says to Simba, 'Don't go there, because that's where the dark realm is' or something. That's how everyone always acts about Rotterdam South, like 'You shouldn't go there'. So much is arising here from the streets. That pride and that kind of togetherness and love, I find that super inspiring." - Jayda

Story: Jayda Reeberg. Creative direction: Isabella Legebeke. Film and photography: Loes Korten. Music: Jesse Jans. More information

"To me, creating means leaving something behind. A collection of images I created, which after my death will be my view of the world. How I saw the world, or how I wanted to see the world. How I experienced it, or how I wanted to experience it. That's what creating is to me. To share something with the world, and then leave it behind." - Gyatso

Story: Gyatso Davids. Skaters: Levy & Niek. Creative Direction: Isabella Legebeke. Film and edit: Loes Korten. Sound design: Mehdi Zadnane. Music: Jesse Jans. More information

“I think Boijmans Hillevliet can really stimulate autonomous and young people, who are busy trying to find themselves in artistry and creative findings. And that they can come together there to create.” - Isa

Story: Isa Zichterman. Photography: Freddy Shoots. Creative Direction: Isabella Legebeke. Film: Loes korten. Music: Evelyn Palace / Purity Princess. More information

Boijmans Hillevliet

Everyone is welcome at the meeting place Boijmans Hillevliet, where residents, pupils and talented makers come together, and can organise or participate in activities themselves. Here we are working with makers, social partners and key figures from the neighbourhood. Our location in Hillevliet is a first step in a broader program in Rotterdam South.
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