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26 July 2022

Willem de Kooning academy x DEPOT graduation film now online

In collaboration with eleven fashion design graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy, a film was made to present the special and unique outfits of the young designers.

The film, which was shot in Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, is called 'Colage of Dreams'. As a viewer, you are transported into the dreams of the students that take place in the building. The fashion collections of the eleven students were recorded in different places in the depot, creating a 'site-specific' connection between the Boijmans collection and the designers. As a result, the film contains unique connections between young and old, fashion and art and creative ambitions in different stages.

Photo's: Daniël Verolme
Photo's: Daniël Verolme

Inspired by the Boijmans collection

The Boijmans collection has had a special impact on the development of the group of designers. One of the first activities they undertook as a class was a visit to the exhibition by Bertjan Pot, which was very inspiring for them. They are also fascinated by high fashion in the Boijmans collection, such as the designs by Martin Margiela and Viktor&Rolf. Which brought them into contact with the designers' avant-garde pieces for the first time.

Credits film:
Director: Jesse Plum
Co-director: Denzel Veerkamp
Director of photography: Mark Groen
First Assistant Camera: Lars Van ‘t Hoog
Producer: Jean Kluinhaar
B-cam operator: Arend Verburgh
Gaffers: Daan Strampel & Arun Harends
Best boys: Wholle Paulo & Theo Ammann
Production Assistent: Mikal Sas
Make-up artists: Margarita Badri, Alana van de Berg & Ellie Mc Guinness Wardrobe assistant: Nino Hekkens
BTS: Daniel Verolme
Lookbook photographers: Tyler Chan & Daniel Verolme

Editor: Leda Zhang
Colorist: Mark Groen
Composition: Kems Kriol
Title designer: Do Kriek

The Rebound Parley | Denzel Veerkamp
Island of Healing | Meliange Comenencia
The Wardrobe of Imagination | Anna Vetulani
A Collective Matter | Lianne Janssen
The Familiar Other | Povilas Gegevicius
Tangrams | Julia Guziuk
Babs de Kock | Gangstars the Collection 
Marc Bos | The Time Traveling Tailor
Software Upgrade | Famke Immelmann
Rhapsody | Cassandre Storez
A Eulogy of One | Mariel Victorio D

Fashion design graduates:
Denzel Veerkamp, Meliange Comenencia, Anna Vetulani, Lianne Janssen, Polivas Gegevicius, Julia Guziuk, Babbetta Jacoba de Kock, Marc Bos, Famke Immelmann, Cassandre Storez, Mariel Victorio

The film was made with the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds