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'ASMR: The nostalgia of everyday life @the Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam Zuid' by Jeanine van Berkel

'ASMR: The nostalgia of everyday life @the Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam Zuid' (2022) takes you through the in between spaces of five shops at the Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam Zuid. The audio piece weaves together nostalgia, memories and everyday life. The ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) like sounds are recorded at Adelaar Gift Shop, Aytac Noten & Delicatessen, Bambino Baby en Kinder Boetiek, Cakes by Kee and Royal Roots Corner.


Van Berkel is a graphic designer and writer. She is interested in what way her multiethnic body relates to the bigger colonial structures – especially focusing on the relationship between Curaçao and the Netherlands. In her ongoing research and story through the semiforgotten memory of herself and (un)known history of her various motherland, she explores and shapes what silence looks like.

In October 2021, Seecum Cheung extended the invitation of the ‘Artist as Educator’, a project as commissioned by the education department of Museum Boijman van Beuningen. Working as one multidisciplinary team, the goal of 'Working in Progress' was to simultaneously learn from one another and capture a part of life in Rotterdam-South. During a two-month process, perspectives, ideas, techniques, and art works were discussed to learn from one another and to inform the final audio-visual images.    

Learn more about 'Working in Progress' here