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up to and including 13 June 2014

The Canvas Repaint - Daan den Houter

In 2002 Daan den Houter painted the first layer of ‘Het Overschilderschilderij’ (The Canvas Repaint). Since then Den Houter has asked 99 other artists to add their own layer to the painting, and as a result the 50 by 60 centimetre canvas now weighs almost 10 kilos. The painting was on view in the Espresso Bar.

This unique project is presented some eight times a year in De Aanschouw. Since 2001 this window at De Schouw, a café at 80 Witte de Withstraat, has been used as Rotterdam’s smallest exhibition space. Every week work by another artist is presented in this showcase in the public domain.

Although every composition of ‘Het Overschilderschilderij’ disappears under a new layer of paint, the successive compositions continue to build on one another. This happens quite literally, as the painting becomes thicker with every new layer and more relief is created. All those taking part sign their names on the back of the canvas. The hundredth layer was painted by Katinka Lampe and revealed on 10 April 2014 (the one hundredth day of the year).

This presentation of ‘Het Overschilderschilderij’ was part of a series focusing on art initiatives in Rotterdam from the City Collection.