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During the corona period, Koen Feenstra and Juul Lindeboom approached us to start a collaboration. We received an email with their story, which was about the idea of creating a platform where young people could express themselves. During the corona period, many young people were (and still are) struggling with mental problems due to the social isolation they were in. This particular time in the development process of young people is crucial for forming an identity.

up to and including 01 January 2030


The young creatives who participated in the online exhibition are: Anestasia Esik, Charlie de Zeeuw, Isa Zichterman, Kiki de Werk, Milou Laoussiyen, Neema Zoey, Chelsea van der Bend, Milo Boot and Shino Matsuura


Are you between 14 and 22 years old? Send us an artistic expression of you. You can send your work to Boijmans by sending a photo, video, or animation. We will then post it on our Pinterest page, so your work will be linked to Boijmans online forever! 

Do you want to participate? Send your work to social@boijmans.nl