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up to and including 12 January 2014

Peter Zegveld - Sculptures and Installations

In the 1960s Peter Zegveld visited the legendary Bewogen Beweging (Moving Movement) exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum. It proved an educational experience. He saw Jean Tinguely’s dynamic objects produce drawings fully automatically and had a double revelation; for the first time he saw what kinetic art was and understood it without any clarification or explanation. This experience set in train something that emerged powerfully and joyfully after many years - and a career as a theatrical producer, performer and percussionist.

This experience lies at the heart of the installations Zegveld was exhibiting in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen - works like Schans, a structure in which a heavy ball bangs up and down against a post, which then moves slowly through the space.

About Peter Zegveld

Peter Zegveld is an inspirer, a theatrical producer and an artist. Born in The Hague in 1951 and trained at the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts there, he has had a unique approach to theatre for more than twenty years. His productions are expressive, sensual and cinematic. Zegveld uses physical principles - the effects of light, air and gravity - in his theatrical productions and his installations alike. The licence he allows himself and his unconventional attitude let Zegveld wander back and forth between different disciplines, presenting absurdities for viewers to experience and discover. Alongside his own productions for theatres, countless festivals and autonomous art, he has made productions for Orkater, the Amsterdam-based music theatre, and others, and series for Dutch TV.

Exploded view

The exhibition coincided with the publication of a book examining Zegveld’s broad oeuvre. The bilingual (Dutch/English) volume, designed by Irma Boom, features essays by art historian Marina de Vries; philosopher Dirk van Weelden; dramaturg Marijn van de Jagt; art historian Alex de Vries; and poet and essayist Atte Jongsma. Available for € 29,90 from the museum shop and the publisher. ISBN 9789460041471