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up to and including 24 September 2014

Paul Noble - NOBSON

The exhibition 'NOBSON', brought together for the first time Paul Noble’s twenty-three enormous pencil drawings of his surreal universe 'Nobson Newtown'.

Visitors to the museum in were amazed at the fantastic events in this invented world, created by Paul Noble (1963, UK) since 1996 in the summer of 2014. The exhibition brought together all his large-scale drawings in the series, (some as large as 7 x 6 metres). This series has never been shown together and the individual works are spread over museums and private collections worldwide. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen purchased two works by the artist in 2004 and 2005. At that time it was agreed that the entire series would be exhibited in the museum’s 1500 m2 Bodon Galleries when it neared completion (although it is uncertain whether the series will ever be finished). In 2014 the series was exhibited ‘minus two’, in connection with the projects that Noble will work on after the exhibition.

Nobson Letters

Nobson Newtown is partly inspired by the surroundings and the flat, grey skies of Whitley Bay, the British coastal town where Paul Noble grew up. The bricks of Noble’s metropolis are a three-dimensional alphabet. The letters form structures like Nobspital (a hospital) and Welcome to Nobson (a monument). The observant viewer can literally read the metropolis. It is a city of extremes, of cartoon-like events and madness that spring from the brain of this fifty year-old boy as he draws. Comparisons can be made with the frenzied sexual goings-on in Jeroen Bosch’s paintings and Bruegel’s Utopian view.

Klik here to watch a video about Paul Noble in which he talks about the people and places that inspire his work. 





The exhibition was accompanied by a richly illustrated artist’s book, in both Dutch and English, and feature essays by Michael Shanks, Paul Kempers, and Sjarel Ex. The book is designed by Esther de Vries.

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The exhibition 'Paul Noble - NOBSON' was made possible by the generous support from Ammodo, Mondriaan Fund, SNS REAAL Fonds and Zabawas Foundation.