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up to and including 29 November 2009

Paul Kooiker - Crush

Alongside 'Crush', the new photographic installation by Paul Kooiker the museum was showing the 2008 photo series 'Room Service'. The artist Paul Kooiker let the visitor peer into his installations, but he dictated the distance between the visitor and the work. His work reveals him as a past master in the art of juggling the cliché and the unexpected.

'Crush' is a series of twenty large black and white photographs (210 x 160 cm). 'Crush', the new work by Paul Kooiker, follows on from 'Showground' (2004). Once again he uses his studio as the location and photographs nude models. The works create the illusion of being made at a crime scene: hastily taken photographs, edgy, tense. The surroundings seem bleaker and feel like a battlefield deserted in panic or a runway after a well-attended air show. Attributes such as cushions, furniture and a vacuum cleaner are scattered around and models are left to their fate in awkward poses. The photographic works show the moment before the descent of an ominous silence.


The artist Paul Kooiker, born in Rotterdam in 1964, won the Prix de Rome in 1996 and was awarded the A. Roland Holst Prize for his oeuvre in 2009. Kooiker creates obsessive collections of images from his fascination for voyeurism, shame and clichés, which throw the viewer into confusion.


Guest curator Willem van Zoetendaal, born in The Hague in 1950, selected the new photographic installation by Paul Kooiker and the photo series Room Service for this exhibition. Willem van Zoetendaal is a gallery owner and the curator of many photographic exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. He has worked closely with Paul Kooiker on exhibitions and photo books since 1994. The photo book 'Crush'—the sixth to result from the collaboration between Paul Kooiker and Willem van Zoetendaal—accompanied the exhibition. The earlier volumes were on display in the showcase in the museum shop.