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up to and including 26 May 2019

Iwan Smit - Metamorphosis

Iwan Smit, who lives in Rotterdam, was asked to make a free work inspired by the forthcoming renovation of the museum. Smit knows the museum well: in 2014 he was one of the artists who took part in Art4Kids, and in 2017 the museum acquired his work ‘The Mystic Birth of Rotterdam’. In recent years he has been commissioned to make work on several occasions.

In an impressive mural, titled Metamorphosis, Iwan Smit depicts the transformation of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.



when time is given time, everything weighs down.

a collection of experiences, coalescing into a weight

too great to bear.

inertia follows inevitably.

when time is given time movement emerges from a

small taps at first followed by rhythmic beating.

momentum is born, changed but not forgotten.

merely free to go on.


Iwan Smit