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up to and including 24 July 2008

Intervention #3 Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger - Four Vegetative Sleeping Rooms

The Swiss artists Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger are interested in artificial gardens, natural growth processes and all cross-overs between nature and culture. During the 2003 Venice Biennale in the Roman Catholic church of San Stae on the Grand Canal, thousands of leaves and plants fluttered on branches from the ceiling. Visitors were able to lie on a large bed from which they could behold this miracle above. Under the auspices of the H&F Patronage, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen invited Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger to create a new vegetative installation in the museum’s four so-called ‘four-leaf clover’ galleries.

The intimate window front showcases played host to a bone tree, a jungle, a seed room and a pink crystal forest growing from urea. Visitors could enter and experience each of the rooms, from which emanated a sense of wellbeing and peace that transcended life and death and that removed you from the museum’s busy reality, which passed by like a film.

The museum is giving contemporary art a prominent place in its new displays in the form of three artist’s presentations that reflect upon the collection and the building. These visual statements are intensified through alternation with works from the permanent collection, establishing a dialogue that heightens the senses and encourages contemplation. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has an active programme of exhibiting and responding to leading international artists.