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up to and including 12 August 2012

Intervention #20 Evelyne Janssen - POPHOUSE!

From February 2012 a playful, associative and apparently disordered miniature universe descended upon the heart of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Evelyne Janssen (1965) installed a selection of objects and drawings in the four spaces known as the cloverleaf. She fused the English term ‘dollhouse’ and its Dutch equivalent ‘poppenhuis’ to create POPHOUSE!

Evelyne Janssen used her objects to create a series of new worlds. The broom cupboard had been transformed into a kind of family altar, with a sound recording and photograph of her father Pierre Janssen (1926-2007). He is known to many as the presenter of the arts programme ‘Kunstgrepen’ in the early days of Dutch television. She calls this the ‘exhalation space’, a name that her father gave to the canteen in the Gemeentemuseum Arnhem, of which he was director. Visitors could take a break in this room. The room ‘The Real Life of Design’ contained sofas from her parents’ collection. From these sofas you could view the films - ‘Streep’s Evening Hours’ (1999-2007) and ‘Ziep the Film’ (2007-2012), projected on the walls. Another room, ‘Being in the Beanery’ (after Kienholz), was festooned with small works that appeared light-hearted but which were mementos of departed loved ones.

Collection of worlds

Evelyne Janssen lives and works in Rotterdam. Since her youth she has collected toys and other objects, which she uses to depict reality in miniature. Janssen sees her artistic practice as, ‘…a spectacle for young and old and an autobiographical record of my life and times.’

Intervention #20 Evelyne Janssen – POPHOUSE! was presented under the auspices of the City Collection. Since 1987 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has collected and presented art and design by Rotterdam-based makers. The City Collection now contains thousands of objects from 1945 to the present day.