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up to and including 04 March 2012

Intervention #18 Sheila Hicks - Cent Minimes

In the autumn of 2011 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen presented an installation of a hundred textile works by the artist Sheila Hicks (1934, Hastings, Nebraska).

In her work Sheila Hicks interweaved art, craft and architecture in a unique manner. She makes paintless paintings, textile graffiti and installations. This exhibition presented a hundred small woven works (Minimes) that Hicks has made over the past fifty years. ‘Cent Minimes’ tells the story of an artist with a unique personality and a life full of colour, structure and composition.

Design in Boijmans

This exhibition was part of the ‘Design in Boijmans’ programme. In the autumn of 2011, design was spotlighted in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. With two large exhibitions, one smaller exhibition and the arrangement of the museum collection, a lot of attention was paid to design in the museum. In 2012, the latest developments and innovations in design were on the agenda.