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up to and including 28 October 2007

Intervention #1 Marieke van Diemen - Vases

Since 1930 the German ceramics industry has produced vast quantities of vases in an endless range of sizes, forms and colours. For the export market they were stamped ‘West Germany’. Marieke van Diemen began to consider a new framework for displaying and interpreting these popular, typical mass-produced items, which have so many nostalgic associations.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has invited Van Diemen to design an installation in which a vast collection of West Germany vases is presented as a large autonomous work of art. How can an everyday product become a desirable object? Marieke Van Diemen’s installation gives optimal expression to the vases’ serial production and the minimal differences in their colour and detailing. Implicit within this exhibition is Van Diemen’s belief that the manner in which objects are displayed has a decisive influence on our perception and evaluation of them.

The museum is giving contemporary art a prominent place in its new displays in the form of three artist’s presentations that reflect upon the collection and the building. These visual statements are intensified through alternation with works from the permanent collection, establishing a dialogue that heightens the senses and encourages contemplation. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has an active programme of exhibiting and responding to leading international artists.