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up to and including 06 April 2015

Helen Frik - The Trophy as Used by the Artist

Helen Frik (1960, Worcester) is both artist and director of the Frik Collection Ceramic Museum (FCCM). This museum collection consists of nearly two hundred pieces: strange vases, remarkable objects, weird utensils. The works are in all respects hybrid and contain remnants from other worlds and earlier times.

Each object ensures that the overwhelming reality is tempered in the proportions of everyday life. Many works in the FCCM are now in private hands, but director Frik keeps her eye on the collection and retains control over it. She has been able to display the whole collection in two of the four showcases in the Klaverblad. The other two contained new work by artist Helen Frik.



On the video channel you can see a video about Helen Frik and the Frik Collection. This video shows Helen Frik installing her exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. She talks about her passion for ceramics.