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up to and including 22 January 2017

Everything OK!

For the first time in its history Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen staged an exhibition exclusively devoted to children. Everything OK ran to 22 January 2017.

The works were hung at children’s eye level in a specially designed homely environment addressed to children from the ages of four to twelve. Children up to the age of eighteen visit Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen for free, and it’s the same during Everything OK!

Shoes off, just like at home

The museum aimed to create a homely feeling so that the children felt at ease straight away – it’s shoes off, just like at home. Children saw a variety of holdings from the museum’s collection and were challenged to think about themselves and their world through the action of looking. Who am I really? What does my pet think of me? Where would I dream to live and why? The artworks are installed on the floor or hang low down so that the children could get a good, closer look at them. Children will discover the exhibition on their own, rather mediated through their parents. No pressure from anyone or anything, because everything – almost – is OK.

A video about the exhibition 'Everything OK!'

Journey through art

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen provides the children a selection of classical as well as modern and contemporary art from the Boijmans’ collection. The exhibition comprises a wide range of media, from paintings and sculptures to videos, photographies and installations. Boijmans zooms in on the individual and shows some self-portraits such as Mike Kelley’s Ahh…Youth!, Self-Portrait with Kermit by Wouter van Riessen and the video Dance or Excercise on the Perimeter of a Square by Bruce Nauman. Children can also be part of various artworks to experience art close up.