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up to and including 17 February 2016

Eveline Visser - The Bird's Empire

In the spring of 2015 Eveline Visser (1949, Rotterdam) transformed the Clover Leaf spaces into an animated three-dimensional installation, creating a wonderful world inspired by the bird kingdom, populated by lovebirds, clouds, antennae, bird drones and eggs.

Eveline Visser fused paintings, photographic collages, objects and sound to create four dioramas, each of which explored one aspect of the wonderful world of birds in which nature, culture and technology are inextricably interconnected. Visitors could enter the dioramas and see, for example, how the mechanical bird drones steal eggs from the real birds. They wanted to know how they are made: even modern science has been unable to work out why eggshell is so strong. In another diorama a bird drone was monitoring birdsong. However, by interpreting the tonal vibrations the drone sucks all the magic from the music. Eveline: ‘Our desire to understand the world leads us to try to fit reality into various frameworks, pigeonholes and patterns. But when we represent the world through a diagram we simplify reality, and something is lost. Ironically in our quest for truth, knowledge and the essence of things we end up with an incomprehensible song.’

Central to the installation was the contrast between reason and intuition, science and mystery, faith in progress and the laws of nature: recurring themes in Eveline’s work. In a career spanning more than forty years Eveline has made work in a variety of scales, ranging from small paintings to 100m2 installations the public can walk through and interact with.