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up to and including 11 May 2014

Design Column #7 - Wasted Matter

Referring to the news about the failing European energy policy, as explained in the article "Voor Iedereen een Uitzondering" in the magazine De Groene Amsterdammer on November 27, Design Column #7 'Wasted Matter' gives an overview of new designs that make use of our material resources in alternative ways.

Worldwide prosperity continues to increase, standards of living are rising and the world population continues to grow. But the earth remains finite. There is not enough space, not enough to eat, not enough water, too few resources and too little energy to continue to support the growing mass of people.

Despite this situation, it seems that we currently waste around 98 per cent of all available energy on this planet. In our existing energy system, the emphasis is on fossil fuels, with only moderate attention for green sources of energy. Because of the need to invest, new forms of energy are always considerably more expensive than traditional methods of extracting fossil fuels. And so we stick to the existing systems, in which we waste the majority of our resources. A large number of designers is concerned with this dilemma and operate outside the existing system to look at the problem from a completely different angle. This project has been made possible by the BankGiro Loterij.

Design Column #7 Wasted Matter showcases several interesting alternatives to our current use and waste of resources.

Ideas that make a difference

Every three months the Design Column focuses on a news item in the form of a small exhibition at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and subsequently at the Droog Gallery in Amsterdam. The column is a place where new ideas are made visible, where the power of imagination is given expression. Designers and artists are especially interested in experimental imagination. With their idiosyncratic vision, they see things differently and are capable of bringing about change. The Design Column creates a space for these innovative concepts.