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up to and including 12 January 2014

Design Column #6 - Dataism

Design Column #6 Dataism explores the role of the individual in this ‘big data’ scenario. It is up to us not to lose ourselves in an illusion of omniscience and remain aware of the consequences of this system of networked information.

Sharing information has never been as easy as it is in today’s networked society. Email and brief online messages play important roles in everyday information transfer. Information is no longer transferred directly from one person to another, but is part of an expanding network of ‘big data’.

While this ‘dataism’ brings with it a great degree of freedom it also has huge implications. Telephones are tapped, our medical records are stored centrally in an electronic file, cookies track our internet history and we can be found wherever we are through the global positioning system (GPS) in our mobile phones. Details from this huge quantity of information, also known as ‘big data’, acquire significance when they are combined into a relevant story by someone or something. But how are these stories put together and does that interpretation reflect the reality?


In conversation with

The Design Column is not only a presentation but is also an opportunity for reaction and dialogue. You are cordially invited to participate in a roundtable conversation that will take place in November. If you would like to participate in this conversation, please contact the curators of the Design Column at designcolumn@boijmans.nl. For information on location, guests and date, keep an eye on the website.

Ideas that make a difference

Every three months the Design Column focuses on a news item in the form of a small exhibition. The column is a place where new ideas are made visible, where the power of imagination is given expression. Designers and artists are especially interested in experimental imagination. With their idiosyncratic vision, they see things differently and are capable of bringing about change. The Design Column creates a space for these innovative concepts.