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up to and including 05 July 2015

Design Column #10 - Crazy Care

Design Column #10 Crazy Care showed how an innovative idea can revolutionize health care.

The welfare state is under pressure: education, employment, social security, and now the most recent problem - care. There are more old people than ever, and increasing longevity means they use the care system for longer. There are hundreds of rules, exceptions, grants and policies in place to streamline and regulate the system. When does a safety net become suffocating web?

The new care act introduced in 2015 changed the organization of care. The new rules focus on the biggest common denominators because the effect is greatest there. The consequence is that people with special care needs, such as the disabled and those with chronic illnesses, are left out in the cold. Is the government lacking in solidarity, do friends and family not care for their loved ones, or is the real problem the fact that we are all living in a system that is extravagant and no longer sustainable? We pile one change on top of another, but shouldn’t we be concentrating on the heart of the problem and looking for simple, clear ideas?


Ideas that make a difference

Every three months the Design Column focuses on a news item in the form of a small exhibition at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The column is a place where new ideas are made visible, where the power of imagination is given expression. Designers and artists are especially interested in experimental imagination. With their idiosyncratic vision, they see things differently and are capable of bringing about change.

The online video channel ARTtube shows a video on The Medicine Factory.

Blog Design Column

Every Design Column is accompanied by a blog, here you can find reactions and up-to-date information on the current and previous editions. Please visit: www.designcolumn.nl.