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up to and including 19 February 2017

Daan van Golden (1936 - 2017)

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is saddened to hear of the death of Rotterdam-born Daan van Golden (1936–2017), one of the most important Dutch contemporary artists. His works of art prompt the beholder to reflect quietly upon the everyday and the fleeting character of time. In Van Golden’s memory the museum staged a temporary presentation for his family and friends to bid the artist a worthy farewell. A small selection of his impressive oeuvre could be seen in the Serra Gallery from Tuesday, 17 January to 19 February 2017.

The rebellious and non-conformist Daan van Golden, who was born in Rotterdam’s Katendrecht neighbourhood in 1936, is an artist who retained a boyish flair and approached the world with an open mind and astonishment throughout his life. Early on in his artistic career he extended his sphere of activity beyond Rotterdam, leaving for London and later for Japan and Nepal. His travels, on which he was accompanied by his family, were an essential part of his life and are therefore reflected in his works of art. And these travels were not merely about the physical journey but were as much about travelling in time, as works like the Youth is an Art photographic series so tellingly demonstrate.

‘With the passing of Daan van Golden, the Dutch art world has lost one of its most self-willed artists, a non-conformist, free-spirited and charming man who always made the connection between living beautifully and attentively and working beautifully and attentively,’ explains Museum Boijmans van Beuningen’s director Sjarel Ex. ‘Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen was closely connected with him for more than 40 years. Our thoughts are with his family.’

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen holds 67 works of art by Daan van Golden, including several photographic series. The collection encompasses his entire artistic oeuvre, from 1960 to more recent work from 2010. The museum possesses paintings from his early expressionist period in the 1960s, his celebrated pop art works such as the screen print with the portrait of Mick Jagger from 1967, his ‘paper hankies’ and other detailed renderings of everyday objects, such as the wrapping paper in the painting Fujiya (1964) from his Japanese period. Also included are more recent works, including his Celuy qui fut pris (2007–2010) with a silhouette of a 19th-century sculpture. A highly important aspect of his oeuvre, namely photographs and photographic series such as Youth is an Art (1997), is also present in the collection.

The museum intends to honour Van Golden’s artistic legacy. His work will be displayed on a regular basis for many years to come, so the artist’s ‘state of mind’ will live on. Admission to this Daan van Golden (1936–2017) presentation was free.