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up to and including 10 August 2014


The quest for equilibrium between the elements mass, weight and load-bearing capacity is a crucial part of the monumental steel sculpture ‘Waxing Arcs’ by Richard Serra, which is on permanent display in one of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen's galleries. The other sculptures from the museum’s collection shown in this exhibition also explored the relationship between balance and gravity.

In his sculpture, Serra seeks a balance between the volumes and the surrounding space. The space between the heavy steel plates is just as important as the plates themselves: the intermediate volume functions as extra material and gives the sculpture its ultimate form.

The bars in the sculpture by Carel Visser appear to float, while the spheres in André Volten’s work are firmly anchored. Balance is a temporary condition, suggesting the possibility of movement and change. Robert Grosvenor’s cylinder barely touches the floor and might roll away at any moment. The sculptures exhibited here explore the physical possibilities of form and material, challenging the idea of sculpture as a static object.