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up to and including 10 January 2010

Charles LeDray - MENS SUITS

In 2009 the H+F Fashion Award goes to the American artist Charles LeDray (Seattle, 1960). The H+ F Fashion on the Edge Foundation awards the biennial prize for exceptional work by a designer or artist working at the cutting edge of fashion and art. The prize included the presentation of LeDray's existing project 'MENS SUITS' in the museum until 10 January 2010.

Charles LeDray is an artist working mainly with textiles and ceramics. He meticulously stitches and sews, throws and glazes all his work by hand, working alone in a small studio in New York. The project 'MENS SUITS' is based on clothing. Large amounts of men's clothing - suits, shirts, ties, gloves - all different, all hand-made and intimately detailed, and mostly appearing second hand. They have had a life dressing somebody, and bear a sense of fatigue. All LeDray's work is like something we have seen or worn, but on a different scale. Much smaller than life-size, they have a quiet, arresting presence.

Author and art collector Han Nefkens’s H+F Fashion on the Edge programme is building up a collection of installations and works that explore the relationship between art and fashion. 
MENS SUITS is an Artangel commission and has been in the making for the past three years. The project was launched in London in 2009 and is supported by Arts Council England, Artangel International Circle, Special Angels and The Company of Angels.