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up to and including 13 November 2022
Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

Paul McCarthy: Bunkhouse

We are currently working on the construction and registration of Paul McCarthy's 'Bunkhouse' (1996). 'Bunkhouse' was purchased in 2020 and its manual is no less than 62 pages long. Due to the large size of this artwork, it has never been thoroughly examined by our collection staff. They will be inspecting all parts, down to the smallest detail, and put the work together in its entirety. Is the artwork in good condition? Have all parts been registered?

With this life-size artwork, Paul McCarthy (1945) refers to the wooden huts with bunk beds where young cowboys spend the night during high season in the American West. With this provocative but humorous scene, the American artist explores the cliché idea of the macho cowboy. McCarthy’s work is often contrarian, sexually explicit and politically charged. He is also the maker of the ‘Santa Claus’ statue, popularly known as the ‘Buttplug Gnome’, a Rotterdam icon located on Eendrachtsplein.

Registration and construction

When a new collection item arrives in the depot, each part is carefully registered. An employee with the function of 'registrar' will note its condition, location, and accession number in our registration program (The Museums System - TMS).

The team of 'art handlers' is responsible for handling works of art in the depot. They work together with the registrar and a curator to build 'Bunkhouse'. When the work is put up in its entirety, the team can decide whether restoration is necessary.