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up to and including 21 May 2018

Babel Bookspace

In this project space Karin de Jong, artist and curator of the Rotterdam Print Room, zooms in on the vital role of books as sources of knowledge and on translation as a source of confusion. On show are works by four artists who live and work all over the world, and there will be a varied programme of lectures and activities in Babel Bookspace during the exhibition.

When the story of the Tower of Babel rears its head, something is brewing in the world. Pieter Bruegel painted his tower at a moment when the church’s position was being undermined by Humanism, modern science and flourishing international trade. Instead of one clear (imposed) vision, chaos reigned: what next? Is the huge virtual structure that our advanced technological society has created on the point of collapse, or can we add a couple more storeys to it? What happens to individual expression now that all information is encoded? 

Photo's: Lotte Stekelenburg
Photo's: Lotte Stekelenburg

Babel Bookspace  – PrintRoom

PrintRoom is a project space and shop in Rotterdam and entirely devoted to artists’ books, small press publications and unusual printed matters by artists and designers from all over the world. The displays in the exhibition contain inspiring examples that treat the phenomenon of the library and archives. They examine the changed role of books in our digital society. The concept of ‘translation’ is also explored from different angles. The selection comes from the PrintRoom’s collection and from Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s library.

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