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The favourite artwork of children’s advisory board member, Fabian

Fabian’s favourite work of art is The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. In this famous painting, Bruegel has depicted the biblical story of mankind’s hubris in attempting to build a tower that reached to heaven. God punished mankind with the so-called ‘Confusion of Tongues’: he gave each person a separate language so that they could no longer communicate with each other. And so, the immense tower reached only to the clouds. There are countless people on and around the building.

I would like 3D glasses so that I can see more dimensions in the painting.

Why is this artwork your favourite?
Fabian: It’s a super-beautiful painting. Everything seems so real because of all the details. I have a framed reproduction of The Tower of Babel on my bedroom wall. I love looking at this painting!

What is the best thing about this artwork?
Fabian: If you zoom into the painting or look at it very closely, you can see a man pulling up his trousers after having a poo. I think that’s so strange and funny! That’s one of the details in this painting that you can only see if you look really closely.

How does this artwork speak to your imagination?
Fabian: It looks so realistic that you feel as if you’re actually in the painting. It’s another world to think about.

Would you like to respond to the artwork?
Fabian: I would like 3D glasses so that I can see more dimensions in the painting. Or to go inside the tower with a virtual reality headset!


What would you ask the artist if you had the chance?
Fabian: How did you get the idea of painting The Tower of Babel? How is it possible to make such a beautiful artwork? How small were the brushes you used to make this beautiful painting?