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Title book
Material and technique Letterpress, colour lithography, linen, cupboard and viltstift
Object type
Book > Forms of information and communication > Utensil
Location This object is in storage
Dimensions Height 280 mm
Length 305 mm
Depth 40 mm
Artists Graficus: Enrico Baj
Uitgever: Uitgever
Tekstschrijver: André Pieyre de Mandiargues
Accession number MB 1974/15-11 a-b (PK)
Credits Schenking / Donation: kunstenaar 1974
Department Drawings & Prints
Acquisition date 1974
Age artist About 43 years old
Exhibitions Collectie - surrealisme (2017)
Letterpress > Manual > Relief printing techniques > Printing technique > Technique > Material and technique
Coloured lithography > Lithography > Manual > Planographic printing > Printing technique > Technique > Material and technique
Geographical origin Italy > Southern Europe > Europe

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Enrico Baj

Milaan 1924 - Vergiate 2003

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