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Sailing Ships on a Calm Sea

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  • Rodney Franko asked

    What are the dimensions of the Drawing by Willem van de Velde II: Sailing Ships on a Calm Sea, H 154 (PK)? Thank you

  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen answered

    Dear Rodney, you should have been able to find the dimensions of a work under the blue button 'show all details', but unfortunately they are missing in this case. First I thought that this was because the drawing is missing. In the Second World War it was sold to Dr. Hans Posse, a German art-historian who was commissioned by Hitler to obtain works for the Führermuseum in Linz and it has not been retrieved yet. But it appears that a mistake was made while adding the information in our collection registration system. The dimensions are known: 10,3 x 16,2 cm. Kind regards, Els


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This drawing is part of a group of 508 drawings from the Koenigs Collection, which was sold in the fall of 1940 by D.G. van Beuningen to Dr. Hans Posse, Hitler's Sonderbeauftragter Linz. This transaction was in violation of Dutch laws and international agreements. See the publication by Albert J. Elen, Missing Old Master Drawings from the Franz Koenigs Collection claimed by the State of The Netherlands, Den Haag 1989

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Collection book

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Title Sailing Ships on a Calm Sea
Material and technique Graphite, pen and ink, brown and grey wash
Object type
Drawing > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Dimensions Height 103 mm
Width 162 cm
Artists Draughtsman: Willem van de Velde (II)
Accession number H 154 (PK)
Credits Missing since World War II, see cat. Missing Old Master Drawings from the Franz Koenigs Collection claimed by the State of the Netherlands, The Hague 1989
Department Drawings & Prints (Pushkin claim)
Creation date in circa 1660-1690
Collector Collector / Franz Koenigs

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All about the artist

Willem van de Velde (II)

Leiden 1633 - Londen 1707

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