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Frog Table

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  • Tessa asked

    I have a question about the frog table from Hella Jongerius.
    And what are the dimensions of the table? and the weight?
    I need to found this out for my school.

    Kind regards ,
    Tessa Harkema

  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen answered

    Hi Tessa, you can find this information on our site Boijmans Collection Online under Specifications on the objectpage of this artwork. Good luck with your school work! best Sophie


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For the Rotterdam designer Hella Jongerius, decoration is an essential element of today's design and can be seen as a reaction to the immaculate, ornament-free modernism. This frog table can be seen as a piece of furniture from a fairy-tale. An enormous frog rises from one of the corners. The three-dimensional d├ęcor detaches itself from the piece of furniture and literally and figuratively leads a life of its own.

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Collection book

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Title Frog Table
Material and technique French walnut wood, paint and epoxy
Object type
Table > Furniture > Living > Utensil
Location This object is in storage
Dimensions Height 120 cm
Width 210 cm
Depth 105 cm
Artists Designer: Hella Jongerius
Studio: JongeriusLab
Producer: Galerie Kreo, Parijs
Accession number V 2597 a-b (KN&V)
Credits Purchased with the support of FriendLottery
Department Applied Arts & Design
Acquisition date 2009
Creation date in 2009
Internal exhibitions Hand Made - Long Live Craft (2013)
Research Show research City Collection

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All about the artist

Hella Jongerius

Vleuten-De Meern 1963

What is design? What is craft? What is decoration? How can we strengthen the relationship between people and products? These questions underlie practically all...

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